“Even the wisest minds has something yet to be learned” ~ George Santayana

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About FX

We are a Business Consultancy & Training firm specializing in Strategic Business Planning, building Human Resources Capability and Customers & Brand Strategies. Our core clients span the Services and Real Estate industry across the Asia region including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & Thailand. Our services include business diagnosis, brand building and bridging performance gaps; with proven track records in improving business efficiency and performances.

FX Consultancy Services Pte Ltd also runs various skills and knowledge based programmes which are open to our corporate clients and the public. Our courses are designed to tap on learners’ existing knowledge base and draw out references based on their experiences to improve applicability and better retention of memory. Our courses have therefore, successfully help employees reskill and/or upgrade to higher level roles. We also help corporations customize training programmes based on their needs and gaps.

All business organization and operational issues are oversee by Ms Cheryl Sum. Cheryl is the lead consultant and Principal Coach who is highly hands-on for all consultancy projects FX undertakes and works closely with our clients  to understand and solve complex organizational issues. Many of FX training programmes are also designed and some times facilitated by Cheryl personally.

FX emphasizes on putting clients’ business needs as a priority. We constantly think in our clients’ shoes and propose solutions and value-propositions that are tailored to address specific issues or to improve a particular business function.

This is our mission.




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Managing Director – Cheryl Sum


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Core Values


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