FX Training

Our training system supports our business consultancy model, and is often part of the implementation stage of the consultancy projects. During the consultancy stage, we work with our clients to identify performance, skills and knowledge gaps of their employees. During the training stage, we close these gaps.

Our learners include business leaders, department managers, executives and new employees.

Our courses are open for public registration and we also provide customized modules to fit companies’ needs. Ms Cheryl Sum designs these coursewares and often is involved in the facilitation stage to share her experiences and knowledge.

Our Programmes:

Personal Development

This series of courses aims at developing you from the core, to allow for self improvement and transformation of character, attitude and career.

Team Building

This series of courses focus on developing leaders and improving team peformance.

Business Organization & Performance

This series of courses helps business leaders learn about complex organizational issues, how to build frameworks and strengthen internal capability to improve organizations’ performance

Customer Strategies & Marketing

This series of courses will help companies improve on customer strategies, brand delivery and marketing campaign design.

Real Estate

This series of courses are suitable for real estate practitioners including builders, estate agents, property developers and also owners and investors. It covers fundamental knowledge commonly asked in the real estate industry.


FX Methodology:

It is important for us that learners retain their learning experience and are able to apply these knowledge. Hence we put heavy emphasis on holistic development of our learners.


Our training system embraces technology to enhance the learning experience and learners will always be able to find courses that fits their schedules, no matter their schedules, work loads or personal commitments.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please email us at infor@fx-singapore.com.