FX Consultancy

Our consultancy services focus on our clients’ complex organizational issues, stakeholders’ objectives and critical market opportunities. Our consultants bring to the table functional expertise across industries using holistic perspectives by building on organizations’ existing values and providing alternative viewpoints and value-adds. We deliver strategy and implementation to help businesses achieve sustainability, innovation and transformation.

What we do:


Ensuring the entire organization is aligned with business strategies to successfully deliver on the company’s objectives

Performance Improvement

Focus on productive workflow to drive business units to succesfully achieve organization’s targets and objectives

Human Resource Capability

Focus on employee engagement to build self-functional and high performance teams, by bridging performance gaps and grooming talents

Customer Strategy

Customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics aimed at retaining customers loyalty to create sustainable business growth

Brand Delivery & Marketing

Focus on brand management and communication, including competitive positioning, marketing mix and resource allocations


Our Clients & Partners:


How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please email us at infor@fx-singapore.com.